The Corona Virus is new, but it is well known to create viral respiratory infections. Vitamin C is an important nutrient, and it has been show to speed the recovery with no significant side effects. Big C contains 1000% the FDA required Vitamin C. It also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Zinc.

Vitamin C and zinc play important roles in nutrition, immune defense and maintenance of health. Intake of both is often inadequate, even in weathly populations. After an overview of the literature on the effects of the separate administration of either vitamin C or zinc against the common cold, this article presents data from two preliminary, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials, conducted with a combination of 1000 mg vitamin C plus 10 mg zinc in patients with the common cold.

Studies suggested that zinc was beneficial in reducing the duration and severity of cold symptoms. Zinc is an essential mineral for one’s health. We cannot live without it. But we don’t need very much. Big C has the right amount of zinc. Zinc is important in wound healing, the functioning of our immune system, eyesight, brain development, the proper functioning of sperm and the synthesis of testosterone.†